Turkey's Troubles: Scams, Fraud, And Corruption In Turkey

In order for any information about scammers to be useful, it needs to be brought to public attention as soon as available. That's what this section is for. Post scammers or "suspect" scammers here...before they get away with scamming someone else!

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Re: Turkey's Troubles: Scams, Fraud, And Corruption In Turk

Post by TheTruthTeller » Mon Sep 10, 2012 3:43 am

Here is also something rather interesting from the site known as the Ripoff Report which involves a complaint made about Turkey and the Turkish government:

"Reported By: Turkish Rip Off — Ankara Internet Turkey

Complaint Review: Turkey

Topic: Turkey Republic Of Turkey Complicit due to inept legislation and control in the fradulent sale of property to foreign customers Internet

Submitted: Sunday, September 09, 2012

The Turkish Government is complicit in the fraudulent sale of its properties to foreign customers. It has allowed its citizens to take money of foreign customers and its legal system gives them no redress. Effectively it has encouraged fraud by irresponsible legislation and a ponderous corrupt legal system filled with lawyers that have no liability and therefore perpetuate and exaggerate this flagrant fraud.

No audit trail of monies or enforcement of tax and human rights it has fueled an environment of theft.

We are adding to a list of already over £1 million paid and nothing received and even when court decisions have been made in our clients favor the Turkish citizens are allowed and encouraged to hide their assets by an archaic legal system portrayed as fair.

Add to our ever growing total and ask for it back!!"
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