Everyone MUST read these conditions BEFORE posting!

All must read this!

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Everyone MUST read these conditions BEFORE posting!

Post by Saul » Sat May 17, 2003 8:07 pm

Please Note our terms & conditions:

All communications between users of Antiscam.Net via message boards, web site, chat or any other means of communication are public and not private communications.

The opinions and viewpoints expressed by users of Antiscam.net are wholly their own and not necessarily those of Antiscam.net or it's staff.

Antiscam.net reserves the right to remove any messages with or without notice and will not be held liable in part or in whole for any loss of business or dammage to reputation as a result of information appearing on the Antiscam.net website and forums.

It is the responsibility of Antiscam.net users to check the legalities of any posts and/or contributions made to Antiscam.net and to agree not to post unsubstantiated allegations against companies or individuals. By posting on the site, be it in the forum or by submission to the front page you agree that your posts are not made out of malice, spite or as a form of retribution. Antiscam.net reserves the right to remove any posting without notice or explanation.

By using Antiscam.Net's resources, web site, chat facility and forum you agree to accept in full these terms and conditions.

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