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Post by jedimaster » Sat Jun 25, 2011 4:20 am

Hi everybody,
I am new here. I just joined .I am from Australia. I am sick and tired of trying to find a woman , then later find out she is a scammer. I had one not long ago , who had stolen a US soldiers identity. She then wanted to send me 20 million dollars. I said to my self , who leaves that amount of money lying around. Anyway I played along for a while. then told the scammer the game was over.

I am not sure but maybe you guys can help. this a bit of correspondence I received lately from another girl.

"How are you doing?am very happy reading from you and i want you to know am not that busy with work but running around to get something across to mum in Nigeria cos she is sick and needed to some fund.My dad works with British high commission over there before he died 2 years ago and there are lots of efforts to bring mum back to UK but she refused.now she is sick she got free insurance here for free treatment since she is British and she refused come down.am so worried cos she all i got.my younger brother who i could have called is still schooling and there is no one around to help but i dont want to send you these cos i dont like to be a burden on anybody.i always like to get things done and resolved in my own little way.these is what have been giving me concern and its very difficult to share with people.hope you are having fun and enjoying yourself.take good care of yourself and do have a nice day.....God bless...."

so please give me your opinions.


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Re: heartbroken

Post by GeorgeF » Sun Jul 03, 2011 4:55 am

Anything from Nigeria or Ghana is a scam. Anything involving money and a woman online is a scam.

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Re: heartbroken

Post by Saul » Mon Jul 25, 2011 1:18 pm

Just don't send money. Simple as that. Anyone asks you for money online just walk away. In fact I would make it very clear right from the first email that you are not a bank and your not going to be sending them any money and explain why. If they are genuine they will still be writing to you and not mentioning money or trying to get you to feel sorry for them.

Of course you will have to spend some money at some point in order to visit the person you are corresponding with but, YOU spend the money on your own air ticket/visa and you DO NOT flash your money around whilst there or let yourself become a walking gift shop!

It's all about common sense and control. Online romance is a great thing but your brain fills in an awful lot of gaps so remember you often REALLY don't know much about this person other than the few emails and photo's you received and the rest that you made up yourself!
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Re: heartbroken

Post by TheTruthTeller » Sat May 19, 2012 6:51 pm

Stay At Home:

Here is an interesting article for those from Australia where it shows that there is more women than men in Australia. This article comes from the site known as today.msnbc.msn.com

"No mates, mate! ‘Man drought’ afflicts Australia
If you're a woman in your 30s looking for love there, odds are against you

There's a "man drought" on the Australian coast, and a "man dam" in the country’s remote bush. Though the nation was flush with men some 30 years ago, due to immigration policies that favored males, today's Australian women have it harder than their baby boomer sisters did 30 years ago.

Demographer Bernard Salt's book "Man Drought," which was released this week, reveals that love is really where you look for it in Australia, and that it pays to go the distance.

“There is simply less product for 30-something women, in particular, to choose from,” he said.

"In the old days, we believed Mr. or Mrs. Right would show up someday, but as we remain single for much longer, and are far more mobile, the chances are more remote," Salt told Reuters.

"You need to get out and broaden your circles," he advises.

According to the latest statistics bureau data, there were 96,900 more females than males in Australia as of June 2005.

Salt said the main reason for the man shortage, especially in Australia's coastal cities, was the abundance of women who move from the interior seeking better jobs and lifestyles.

“Single men are concentrated in rural and remote communities, whereas single women prefer the city and lifestyle towns,” Salt explained. “A generation ago, women were more likely to remain in rural communities.” This widespread movement of women away from rural areas into major cities has caused a major shift and a “gender imbalance.”

A Queensland outback mayor made international headlines this month when he called for female “ugly ducklings” to move to the remote mine town of Mt. Isa if they were desperate to meet a man.

Giving Cupid a hand
According to the statistics bureau, the proportion of singles among Australia's 21 million population is rising from 20 percent to 25 percent in only a decade.

Singles households are expected to rise from 1.8 million in 2001 to more than 3 million in 2026, when the population will hit 24 million.

Salt advises those serious about finding a partner to consider shifting homes.

“For some odd reason, there are more single men than single women, and you find a lot of them in rural communities,” he said.

“If you find yourself in the wrong town then why not relocate to the right town where you are in the market.”

Salt pinpoints northern Queensland state's mining communities as the best places for women to find love, while men in the vast outback need time in the big cities for Cupid to play his part.

But age also plays a role. Salt says men suffer a “Sheila shortage” in their 20s, whereas women endure a “man drought” from 34 onwards. “Sheila” is colloquial for woman.

At the age of 25, women have the best odds of finding a partner as there are 23 percent more single men than women. But the odds shorten after 30, and by 34 there are more single women than unattached men.

By age 40, single women outnumber single men by 9 percent and that divide lifts to 17 percent by age 50. At 80, it's a dramatic 66 percent, Salt said.

Salt's solution: move to a place like Nar Nar Goon town in Victoria state, where its population of 600 has 12 single men in their 30s and one single woman.

“It's a man dam there. A reservoir of men,” he said. “You find this right across Australia, little reservoirs of untapped men.”

There is another reason besides the issue of population migration as cited by the article for this "man drought" in Australia as termed by the article.

Another fact has to do with Australian men looking outside of their country for someone and they are adding to the shortage of available men inside of Australia for women who live in Australia. Sites (and I can name one that is Australian based dealing with women outside of Australia) therefore that encourage men from Australia to look outside of Australia for women are not helping the "man shortage" situation at all.

However, the point is proven that there are more women than men in Australia and thus more women to choose from if of course you present yourself in a manner where you can indeed be gentleman material for a woman.
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Re: heartbroken

Post by 01stworldview » Mon Jun 12, 2017 7:05 am

Revenge Your Ex

Each day hundreds of men and women seek revenge on their ex-mates for a variety of reasons, usually because they got dumped or where cheated on. Revenge comes in many ways. It typically starts by using social media to vent, and then escalates from there. Now sites like "Get Revenge On Your Ex" for a fee will help you get pay back or revenge.

So what is the best way to get revenge besides slashing her tires, posting nude photos of her and so on.

The best way according to the web site Right Choices 101 is to live your life well. This is true no matter who you are seeking revenge on. Coworkers, past bosses, bad friends or ex-lovers. Put your energy into succeeding and enjoying your life, not wasting your time, energy and resources on revenge that can end up costing you much more. Plus, when you seek revenge, you send them a massage that you have not gotten over the relationship. It's much
better to show you are indifferent and don't care.

According to Kenneth Agee of A Foreign Affair, a service that specializes in helping men find young beautiful foreign women, "The best revenge is to date or marry a women 10 years younger than your ex. This will piss her off to no end. No woman ever wants to be replaced with a younger, more attractive woman. Just like a man never likes to get replaced by a guy who is wealthier or more successful.

I will never forget one of my first clients we took to Saint Petersburg, Russia." says Agee, "The client told me that two days on our tour was better than two years of therapy. Having hundreds of attractive women fighting over
you gets your ex out of your mind pretty quick.

I personally went through break up when my ex ran off with another man. But a short time later, I met a new lady who was ten times better. I ran into that man who stole my ex and I gave him a big thanks. In fact, I could not thank him enough. He was stuck with an older nagging women, while I was now with a young, beautiful, caring women. Plus, my ex had gained about 100 pounds. I don't look at that fellow as any kind of enemy but as the person who saved me from my ex and years of suffering." This is the best a revenge when you win without lowering yourself.

Other sites like "Get Over Her Now" give practical advice and tips for getting over a past relationship.

Top Tips from Get Over Her Now:

Start making platonic relationships with as many women as possible, old, young, skinny, fat, cute or ugly. This greatly helps you get back in the game of socializing with the opposite sex. And it opens up lots opportunities to meet their cute attractive friends in a more relaxed environment. This also helps you build your game and confidence.

Improve yourself, start working out, get up early every day and exercise.

Buy new clothes. Dressing better makes you feel better and improves your confidence.

Focus on work and getting a promotion or raise. Don't let a break up effect your work negatively. Put that extra effort into work and it will pay off with a better position and more money. This will also build your confidence and help attract better quality women.

Any time you are depressed, improving yourself helps greatly. When you feel depressed, don't sit and watch TV and then sleep-in late. Get out and do something that will make you feel like you've accomplished something. Take a
class, go hiking, fix something you've been putting off.

Don't start drinking. Drinking will always have a negative impact on your life. Don't drink while depressed or when you are trying to get over some one. After all, drinking is for celebrating. So if you are not celebrating something, don't drink. A quality women is not going to be attracted to someone who drinks a lot or has a drinking problem.

Don't sleep in; sleeping late increases depression. Get up as early as you can and go for a walk, take a hike, or go to the Gym. Research shows getting up early and exercising can eliminate depression. You will have no game be

Don't binge eat. If you start gaining weight, you will feel less self-worth and lose your confidence. Confidence is a quality that women are extremely attracted to.

Conclusion, the best revenge is when you improve your life so well that she realizes she made a big mistake. And satisfaction comes when you meet someone so much better, you are glad the ex is gone. After all, if you are
seeking revenge, how great could she really have been in the first place!

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