Elena Kulikova – Visa Scam

Elena Kulikova
Location: Russia, Volzhsky
Age: 28
Date Of Birth: 01-01-1981
email address : [email protected]

I was scammed by this woman, if indeed there is an actual woman behind it!

Below is an example of one of the letters I received from her. I hope posting this
here will help others avoid falling into the same trap that I did.

Good day my love, thank you for your pleasant letter. I share your
ideas, I sure in our special time together. Our meeting will happen
soon and we will fall in love! I am so exciting my darling! You go
in Amsterdam for work, how long you will stay there? We have so many
things to do together, Dublin will be magic place for us. I with
pleasure send you some exotic photos, I hope you will like them.
I feel happy that you can support me my dear, now I can feel safe with
it. Our meeting will happen soon, also we can meet New Year together
with you, what can be better?

Nothing! Special nights together waiting
for us, I can’t wait it! So lets not postpone it ever for one second!
I already meet Anna again, she know more about such things. I asked
her how it possible for you support me with my trip. She told that we
can use good and safe company – “Money Gram”. She have told that they
have official website – moneygram.com, where we can learn more about
them. Also she told that when you will send the money, you will need
have my passport data. I give it to you my love – my full name is
Elena Kulikova, Russia, city Volzhsk, street Gagarina 89, post 425000.
All data should be right. Then when I will visit the bank, I will need
have the same data from you. After it all will be well and I can start
work with my trip to you my dearest prince *****! If I will use many
times visa, it will cost 100 euro. I think it will be better, because
later I can visit you again with this visa. So all cost which I need
to have – 500 euro. My sweetheart, I really want to meet you as soon
as it possible and fall in love with you! I send you many many sweet
kisses, only yours woman Elena


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