Benny Loretta – New? Scammer Name

Was contacted online by Benny Loretta who was a modelling student and orphan.  Mother Russian dad from US.  Was living in Utah now currently in Bristol UK.  Wanted me to take care of her (I politely refused.) Offered to come visit me if i would send the money to buy an airline ticket.  (I also politely refused.)  Then when neither of those worked she? went for the “need to use my bank account to transfer money from her agent” scam.  (I not so politely refused.)  I can provide pictures used.

Two days later i got an e-mail threatening to kill me if I didn’t wire $10,000 to where else but, you got it, Bristol.
This was the person i was to transfer it to.
Kuumba Centre Unit 1, 20-22 Hepburn Road
St Paul’s  Bristol