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Wine investment fraud and recovery

The NFIB’s Investment Fraud Team is anticipating that wine investments and wine recovery will become a commodity sold by boiler rooms again after analysing intelligence from several reports. Recovery Room fraud is a method where criminals contact victims of previous frauds, often by cold calling, and claim to be able to recover previously lost funds […]


Parking fine letter and email scam

Victims have been receiving letters from scammers claiming to be the police/parking authorities informing them they have been spotted illegally parking and have to pay a fine. This also includes victims receiving penalty notices for hired vehicles contracted in their names. In most of these cases the victim’s identity has been stolen. It’s easy to […]

HMRC Tax Rebate Scam

Her Majesty’s Revenue and Customs (HMRC) tax rebate scams

Victims have received phishing emails/texts purporting to be from HMRC about tax rebates. After either downloading a file attached to the emails or clicking on a link, devices have been infected with Dridex (a type of banking malware) or Locky ransomware (which locks devices and demands a ransom) from a hacked website. When victims click […]

anti-virus renewal activation scam

anti-virus activation/renewal scam

Reports suggest that fraudsters are exploiting victims who are unfamiliar with activating or renewing antivirus software. After buying brand new computers victims have reported being been unable to activate their antivirus software subscription, which led them to following links to fake antivirus websites. After entering contact information, victims have been called by fraudsters who ask for […]

Dating fraud and scams

Dating fraud victims report once every three hours

Reports up 32% over two year period (January 2013-December 2015) according to new figures from City of London Police. An average of £10,000 lost by dating fraud victims in the UK New partnership created to work with the Online Dating Association to reduce the number of people who fall victim. We’re warning anyone looking for […]

Universities Pay Rise Scam

Fraudsters target universities in pay rise scam

Phishing emails claiming to be from university HR departments are being used by fraudsters in a bid to gather financial details by suggesting that university staff recipients are due a pay rise. However, when recipients click on the link, they are taken to a fake website where they are asked to enter personal information, including […]

Fraudsters use hold music in bid to convince unsuspecting banking customers

Fraudsters use hold music in bid to convince unsuspecting banking customers

The City of London Police’s National Fraud Intelligence Bureau (NFIB) has identified that fraudsters are now using background hold music in a bid to make their calls more convincing. Organised crime groups are attempting to defraud members of the public by impersonating the customer’s bank and according to a convicted fraudster the methods used by […]

Identity Fraud On The Increase

Identity fraud reaches record levels

A record 172,919 identity frauds were recorded in 2016 more than in any other previous year, according to Cifas, the UK’s leading fraud prevention service. Identity fraud now represents over half of all fraud recorded by the UK’s not-for-profit fraud data sharing organisation (53.3% of all frauds recorded to Cifas), of which 88% was perpetrated online. […]


letter from the “England Commercial Register” Scam

Don’t fall for them Download the letter (PDF 275.2KB) which is part of a mail-shot which has been sent by a business in Madrid and is headed “England Commercial Register – publication of companies”. The letter implies that you may have previously agreed to an online directory listing for your business and advises that “in […]